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About the CIRC

The purpose of the Canadian IBD Research Consortium (CIRC) is to promote research in inflammatory bowel diseases through collaboration of multiple Canadian centres; the result of this work will be materialized by scientific papers and publications.

CIRC may also design and organize vocational training and therapeutic education activities, both for health professionals and for patients. In addition, CIRC provides consultancy services.


The association consists of active members and benefactors:

(a) Active members are those who participate regularly in scientific activities. This may include scientific contribution through research study design, analysis, or contribution of patients and data for research studies. They are representatives of their own institutions within CIRC.

(b) The following persons shall be called benefactors: persons, societies or associations (including industry partners) liable to support the activities of CIRC through regular financial contributions or other assistance.


Scientific Committee: this committee is composed of clinicians and statisticians.

This committee reviews research protocols for consideration of collaboration and support. The Director of Research is responsible for selecting the members of this committee. This committee discusses the protocols, criticizes them and, if need be, corrects them. It shall issue an initial advisory opinion to the Board of Directors on each protocol. The General Assembly of all active members shall decide at the last instance. If the project is not rejected, it is refined by an interaction between the scientific committee and the principal investigator of the project. Then the protocol is written and submitted for funding.


Education Committee: this committee is chaired by the Vice President. This committee has the following responsibilities:


Each committee is composed of interested active members. The scientific committee will be chaired by the Director of Research for CIRC. The education committee will be chaired by the Vice President of CIRC. Members who agree to participate on a committee will serve a term of two years.

The Treasurer will be responsible for accounting, managing accounts, and administrative declarations.

The Board of Directors will oversee the search for funding. It will prepare an updated list of national and international tenders.