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Biosimilar and Legacy Drugs

Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Biosimilar and Legacy Drugs


PI: Dr. Waqqas Afif, McGill University Health Centre


Co-PI: Dr. Sasha Bernatsky (Rheumatology), McGill University Health Centre



Dr. Daniel Baumgart, University of Alberta
Dr. Sophie Plamondon, University of Sherbrooke
Dr. Yvette Leung, University of British Columbia
Dr. Christopher Ma, University of Calgary
Dr. Geoff Nguyen, Mount Sinai Hospital
Dr. Neeraj Narula, McMaster University
Dr. Joannie Ruel, Université de Sherbrooke
Dr. Harminder Singh, University of Manitoba
Dr. Laura Targownik, University of Manitoba



Our study aims to provide real-world evidence on the comparative effectiveness and safety of biosimilar drugs versus their bio-originators.


Study Design

Our primary objective is to compare patients who are starting on/switching to biosimilar drugs or their equivalent legacy drugs. We will be collecting data prospectively but some centres will share retrospective data as well.


Participating Sites

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority – Health Sciences Centre
University of British Columbia
McMaster/Hamilton Health Sciences Centre
Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON
Montreal General Hospital
University of Calgary
IBD Quebec
University of Alberta (RAPPORT)
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
CIUSSE-CHUS (The Quebec Multicentre Mechanism )
Institut de recherche en rheumatologie de Mtl (IRRM)


For more information on Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria, click here.



Anticipated sample size: 400
Anticipated start: Already started
Anticipated end: December 2022


Reimbursement provided on a per patient basis. Additional sites are welcome! Please contact Dr. Waqqas Afif at waqqas.afif@mcgill.ca.