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Prediction Model

Development of a Clinical Risk Prediction Model for Colorectal Neoplasia in Persons with Colonic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases


Principal Investigator: Dr. Sanjay Murthy



Dr. Frank Hoentjen
Dr. Talat Bessissow
Dr. Neeraj Narula
Dr. Adam Weizman
Dr. Vipul Jairath
Dr. Harminder Singh
Dr. Chris Ma
Dr. Tim Ramsay


Primary Objectives

To derive a multivariable model that accurately predicts probability of harbouring colorectal neoplasia (dysplasia) among individuals with colorectal inflammatory bowel disease.


Study Design

Multicenter retrospective cohort study.


Participating Sites

University of Alberta (Alberta University Hospital)
McGill University (MUHC/Victoria Campus)
McMaster University (MUMC Campus)
University of Toronto (Mount Sinai Hospital)
Western University (London Health Sciences Centre)
University of Manitoba (Health Sciences Centre)
University of Calgary (Foothills Hospital)
University of Ottawa (Ottawa Health Research Institute)



Anticipated sample size: 3,000-5,000 participants
Anticipated start date: January 2024
Anticipated end: January 2025