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Endorsement Guidelines

All PIs seeking CIRC endorsement for a funded study or a study being submitted for external funding must submit a ½ to 1-page abbreviated summary of the study plan to the CIRC Executive Board for screening, including brief details of aims, methods, co-investigators, and funding plan. The summary should include a statement of how the study aligns with CIRC’s mission to promote multi-centre, multi-investigator studies and how the study would benefit from CIRC involvement. The study should include multiple CIRC members across the country as co-investigators. The Board will screen all submissions to ensure that studies are consistent with the goals and mission of CIRC and are feasible to conduct in light of competing priorities.

PIs whose submissions are deemed feasible to support will be invited to submit a 2-page scientific proposal along with a proposed budget to CIRC’s Scientific Committee for review of scientific merit and feasibility. Studies in-progress will be subject to a full scientific review. Approval will be granted if the majority of non-conflicted scientific committee members approve of the study for CIRC endorsement.

The turnaround time for review is 8 weeks. Approved study proposals will be presented at the subsequent CIRC membership meeting. CIRC endorsement will include an endorsement letter signed by CIRC’s President and Scientific Director, and, if necessary, access to CIRC’s resources, including a central project manager, administrative support, and advertisement in CIRC’s newsletter and membership meetings.

Please submit all endorsement requests to circ.ccrm@gmail.com.