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Bowel Prep

Bowel preparation for colonoscopy among individuals with IBD: A randomized controlled trial


Study Status: Start-up and protocol development.


Principal Investigator:  Dr. Harminder Singh



Dr. Seth Shaffer
Dr. Sanjay Murthy
Dr. Talat Bessissow


Primary Objectives

To determine the overall preferred BP laxative agent for individuals with IBD preparing for colonoscopy. To provide physicians and patients on contemporary data on efficacy and tolerability of BP laxatives for those with IBD undergoing colonoscopy.


Study Design

A multi-centre single-blind randomized controlled trial to compare use of split-dose 2L-PEG (with 15mg bisacodyl) vs. OSS for preparation for colonoscopy among individuals with IBD. The recruitment will be stratified by each site and active vs. inactive IBD (defined by modified Harvey Bradshaw index <5 for CD and Partial Mayo score <2 for UC). Cleanliness during colonoscopy will be assessed by endoscopy physicians blinded to the laxative intake and tolerance by self-administered survey questionnaire to the study participants.


Participating Sites

University of Manitoba
Ottawa Health Research Institute
McGill University



Anticipated sample size: 418
Anticipated start date: 2024
Anticipated end: 2025